a different way

The winner-take-all plurality voting system in American politics breeds polarization.  People want a fighter who can defeat those they see as an enemy and politicians are quick to paint their opponent as that “enemy”.  Negative campaigning and mud-slinging, regardless of truth, rule the day.


Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to rank candidates according to their preference, rather than choosing just one. This means candidates must do more than just get you not to vote for the other guy — they need to work hard to ensure voters like them. Third parties have a chance to win, ending the binary of “good vs. evil” in our current two-party system. And, best of all, winning candidates will have the support of the majority, not just the most votes.

The one thing we have in common is that we want to be able to focus on honest-to-goodness solutions to problems plaguing our communities and our Commonwealth. Ranked Choice Voting is one small change to how we vote that can bring us together to solve them.  This is why it has broad support from voters across the political spectrum.

Join us at Rank The Vote Kentucky and pledge to support the use of Ranked Choice Voting in our state!

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