erosion of trust hurts us all

The No. 1 challenge our representative democracy faces right now is the erosion of trust when it comes to the integrity of our elections.  Regardless of our political beliefs, we should all be concerned by the large number of Americans who don’t believe their voice matters and have lost faith in our elections.

One simple change to how we vote can give us our voice.  Ranked Choice Voting allows us to express our full range of views on our ballot – we can vote for our true favorite, and compromise with our backup rankings.  Competing factions with similar positions can consolidate without fear of a vocal minority winning the plurality. Candidates are rewarded for campaigning on issues, not elected because they’ve made you fear the “other guy” or party.

Best of all – Ranked Choice Voting ensures winning candidates are supported by the majority of voters. No candidate should ever win an election with less than 50% of the votes!

Rank the Vote Kentucky was founded in January 2021 by a small group of diverse individuals who recognize the potential for RCV to strengthen our elections and want to introduce this nationwide movement to our fellow Kentucky voters. We are 100% volunteer led, non-partisan, and inclusive. 

We invite everyone to participate in the RCV discussion.

Elizabeth Hawks, Bowling Green

Rank the Vote Kentucky Team Lead

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