pray for putin’s demise? i don’t think so

Go Ahead. Pray for Putin’s Demise.

“The imprecatory psalms give us permission to push boldly against evil.” Push boldly, yes. Pray for the destruction of a sinner? Not a chance. Psalms never trump gospel. Not ever.

I can’t remember the last time I had such a visceral response to a Christian article. I read it yesterday and I’m STILL shocked and appalled that a priest would write this. Vengeance belongs to God, but He loves every single human person and wants us reconciled to Him.

My first thought is that the Psalms were composed during a time before Christ – before salvation was an option. Jesus told us in the gospels. Paul reminded us in his epistles. The writer of Hebrews reminded us. Vengeance belongs to God. Pray for your enemies. Be kind to your enemies. We can pray for this war to END. We can call for Putin’s demise in our anger – God understands our hurt, fear, and anger – but Christ’s desire is that we pray for our enemies. We can pray Putin is unsuccessful without asking God to end his life without the opportunity for confession and reconciliation!

And the pacifist argument shows a lack of understand on the foundation of pacifism. Christian pacifists don’t have “overdeveloped confidence in human goodness”. We have INCONCEIVABLE confidence that the gospel – JESUS – is strong enough to overcome violence and evil. Why would anyone put limits on our God, who can do miracles?

So much anger and violence already in the world. I’m just flabbergasted that a PRIEST would call for more. In Jesus name, of course.

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