I just packed up my things and came inside. Turns out the breeze is a little much outside and I’m not warm enough in my sleeveless shirt. I was extremely frustrated, because navigating even those few steps back inside is a major undertaking when you need one hand for a cane. But then I remember, it’s not even on the same plant of annoying as a worldwide pandemic or Russia invading Ukraine.

Early this morning I read about Russian atrocities in Bucha. The world sits idly by while the giant bully Russia invades and terrifies another sovereign nation. The United Nations is powerless, hog-tied by diplomacy and politicking. It should never be okay for one nation to invade another. And once again I’m reminded how ridiculous I found the scene in The Phantom Menace when the Galactic Senate engaged in the filibuster of the future while Naboo was ravaged. Youthful ignorance.

The ultimate frustration is having to sit, unable to anything tangible, to stop the suffering happening around the world. In my own backyard. And especially when it’s caused by people who carry themselves as better than everyone else because they got dunked in the local river. (Story for another day.)

I rant in my head and cry out to God, always wondering how life can feel so unbearably everyday and “normal” right now.

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