we deserve a government that represents all of us

Georgia voters get only one option for over half of upcoming legislative races

And it’s no different in Kentucky.

How can we NOT be dissatisfied with our legislators when we have no choice who to vote for?

The Kentucky Leg says they have a MANDATE – evidenced by holding 75% of the seats in Frankfort. But that 75% isn’t a reflections of Kentucky voters: we’re about 50/50 Red/Blue but well gerrymandered in favor of Red candidates. Even their own Republican voters are dissatisfied with the priorities set and work done this session.

I want Ranked Choice Voting in Kentucky because it is my core belief that our voices matter and our government should be a reflection of US. I don’t care if the winners are conservative, liberal, progressive, or anarchist, as long as they are seated by the MAJORITY of the voters they represent.

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