banish despair – give thanks always

So, I find myself regularly stuck between calling something “despair porn” and telling myself “it can’t get that bad,” and then the next moment wondering “but what if it does?”

Bruce Maples, Forward Kentucky

What if it does? This isn’t the first time in United States History that our people despaired. I’d have to say the Civil War was exceptionally worse than where we are today. History tells us that change WILL happen and that’s why I never fall into despair.

It also helps to practice thankfulness – looking for the “silver lining”. I do it automatically now, but it took years of intentional practice to make this a habit. Being thankful for the little things makes it easier to have hope for the big things.

And drink lots of coffee. Or tea.

Update: It’s time to face the Big Truth
EXCELLENT article that does a much better job of saying what I’m thinking!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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