just a table

My too-big, mismatched, scruffy table is back in my dining area. It’s too big and we can’t take both leaves out because the overhang on the ends is too shallow for anyone to sit there. And I’m so happy!

It came from Steinhafel’s clearance section, a circular dent on one corner and a leaf that had a giant scratch almost the full length of it. $100. I still get goosebumps when I think about it. (For those who don’t know me, I love second-hand and clearance furniture.) The eight chairs once lived at the now-defunct Ryan’s in Russellville, bought for $40 during the 68/80 yard sale. Oh the excitement to have EIGHT MATCHING CHAIRS!

Twenty-one years later, the older kids were on their own and my grandson and our foster kids kept whacking heads on the sharp corner. Soooo… I bought a proper table. Ethan Allen. (Facebook Marketplace, of course!) With six chairs that not only matched each other, they also matched the table. It was really beautiful, not gonna lie. I loved looking at it. BUT, it just wasn’t right for THIS house in THIS time. A month ago, it went to live with my oldest daughter in her first home. See, they have a proper dining room. It fits there. The family table ironically went to my grandson’s house, but they decided it was really too big and sent it back to me.

And my heart is full. So. many. memories. So many family meals. Four homes, seventeen years of homeschooling, six years of fostering. Meals. Art. Studying. More scratches and fading. Every scratch, coffee cup ring, paint remnant, and marker line a reminder of FAMILY.

Just a table. Just a table that holds the story of our family.

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