day in the life . . .

My biggest stress in this moment is that my mouse needs charged and I can’t find the cord. I’m writing this so I can remind myself how lucky I am.

Lucky enough to be born into a middle class family in the US. Lucky enough to win the genetic lottery in the brain department. Lucky enough to have parents who were able to lift us up when we made mistakes. Lucky enough to marry a man who valued partnership and family.

And incredibly thankful that God gave me eyes to see those who haven’t had my advantages – my LUCK – without judging them according to my circumstances. As painful as it can be sometimes, I consider myself fortunate to have been given the compassion necessary to turn around and reach out to those who didn’t have the support I had to give them a hand up so they can walk next to me. I’m MOST thankful that I grew up in a church that taught me service and love above self-righteousness and judgement.

Peace out. ✌🏼